auditing acg 4651

This Midterm consists of three linked case studies. Each is to be approximately two pages long, prepared in APA format, and submitted as a Word document. To receive credit all content must be in your own words and all sources drawn from referenced and cited according to APA standards. Of particular importance is the correct citation of direct quotes – and there should not be more than a few of these. The learning materials assigned for Week #4 and prior weeks will be helpful and you are welcome to bring in additional scholarly sources

For each case below use a firm of your choice, either real or of your own creation. Your are to write from the perspective who has just been hired to conduct and audit of the firm that is to begin soon.

Case Study #1

Using the firm you have chosen, outline a thorough outline for the audit that includes descriptions of particularly important issues to be dealt with along the way.

Case Study #2

Using the firm you are auditing, thoroughly outline the evidence you will gather. Explain the importance of each type and how you will gather and evaluate it.

Case Study #3

Outline and describe how you will decide issues of materiality and how these shall/should be reported, analyzed, and acted upon by the firm being audited.

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