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All 3 discussions 300 words a piece

Part 1

While no one can ever be fully ready for every unexpected situation, we can equip ourselves to be successful in overcoming many of the challenges that come our way. Consider the following unexpected challenges faced by Jasmine, Janet, and Jamal:

Jasmine: Jasmine knew that she needed to complete 8 intellipath® lessons by this coming Tuesday’s deadline, so she took the Determine Knowledge on Friday and earned credit for 3 lessons. She planned to finish on Sunday before working a double shift on Monday and caring for her grandson all day Tuesday. But her car broke down on the way to the grocery store early Sunday afternoon, and by the time she got her car towed to the repair shop and then dealt with shopping, she had used up all of her allotted time.

Janet: Janet knew that her History essay was due on Tuesday, so she set aside time on Monday to write it, and she got her entire draft completed on Monday. But when she went to proofread it on Tuesday, she could not find her saved draft anywhere on her computer. After spending over an hour looking and getting her son to help her search, she was in tears of frustration.

Jamal: Jamal was so nervous to start his Math class, but he did better than he thought in his first unit. However, in his second unit, he has found himself really struggling with one lesson in particular. He has spent over 2 hours on that lesson and feels ready to give up altogether.

Post a Primary Discussion Response by Friday in which you offer advice to 1 of the students (Jasmine, Jamal, or Janet) to help that student overcome his or her obstacle. Consider the following points as you compose your response:

  • What strategies might the student use to help overcome the current obstacle that he or she is facing?
  • Who might the student reach out to at CTU to receive additional support to help overcome the obstacle?
  • What resources might the student use to help overcome the obstacle?

Part 2

  • What motivated you to decide to enroll at CTU?
  • How might your life improve as a result of graduating from CTU?
  • What are 1–2 practical strategies you can employ to stay motivated even when you face challenges?

Part 3

The writing center is what I chose

  • What resource did you select?
  • Discuss your resource using these questions to guide your response
    • What is the purpose of this resource?
    • What interested you about this resource?
    • How and when will you use this resource?

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