Bahrain Institute Managerial Economics in McDonalds Report

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Managerial Economics – Assignment

This is a practical based assignment but you should attempt to integrate theoretical models and course material into your answer and a maximum of 3000 words (+/- 10%).

This coursework is designed to check the student’s progress, and to reinforce the concepts covered.

The task is to illustrate the key concepts in Managerial economics being applied in the selected company (McDonald’s) . The main learning objective is to apply knowledge from the course material and teaching sessions/materials to a practical situation and recommend any change and improvements in business practice

You should report on MCDONALDS:

a) The current situation in the country / regional market (products / competitors/ sales practices/ pricing/ trends, opportunities and threats/ key success factors) Factors and trends influencing Demand (taste & preference/ Income / number of buyers/ price of substitutes and compliments / future expectations) Factors and trends influencing supply (cost & technology / price of substitute goods and services/ future expectations)

b) Recommendations that you would make to your chosen company in relation to future developments and possible expansion in this market, taking a three to five year framework.

Ensure that your work includes a brief introduction to the company and the context in which it operates and has sufficient depth and detail so that your recommendations are justified.

Where possible, academic material should be included to ensure that your report is both comprehensive and complete. The written submission should be word processed and presented in report form.

The chapters required to assist in writing the individual assignment, from the book PDF attached:

-Chapter 1

-Chapter 2

-Chapter 3

-Chapter 4

-Chapter 5

-Chapter 6

-Chapter 7

-Chapter 8

-Chapter 12


kupdf.net_managerial-economics-7th-edition-by-paul-keat 2.pdf


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