Based on your reading of Chapter 5 (Pretrial Period and Jails), Module 5 notes, and the video “Rikers Island”, provide your reaction to jails in the criminal justice system.

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You can be as narrow or as broad as you like in your analysis. For example, you can focus specifically on a piece of information learned in the book or Module notes or video, or you can comment more generally on jails.

Feel free to be creative, read each other posts, and feel free to reply to others. Remember, you are “new” to jails, your viewpoint as an outsider looking in is very informative.


Initial reply = At least 250 words

Peer replies = At least 150 words

(refer to your syllabus for specifics)

(Place the number of words at the end of every post. YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO IF YOU FAIL TO MEET THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF WORDS FOR EACH POST.)

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