basic writing 3

  1. After finishing the required activities in M12, describe EITHER:
    • what you learned – what is new to you about human-media/tech interactions?
    • OR what did you already know? How did you learn what you already knew?
  2. In this module, we’ve followed a pattern of anthropologizing and problematizing (i.e., bringing up questions/concerns) about a few general categories of media. How/where do you see connections between human interactions with medias and larger social institutions? NOTE: be sure to use specific examples from M12 and specific concepts from M10/M11.
  3. What could you do in your day-to-day experiences or future life with what you’ve realized through your reflection this week?
  4. After progressing through M12, what stuck out to you most about our human interactions with medias? And why?
  5. How do you now view human interactions with medias? What is different, and what is the same for you?

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