behind the beautiful forevers

This assignment has two parts, which can be combined when you prepare your response.

The first part is to identify as many moral or ethical issues as you can from the excerpt of Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Please list them in any order you choose.

Once you have made your list, please review the document in a folder titled UDHR. This stands for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948. While not legally binding on all member nations, it is a moral commitment by these governments to live by the spirit behind each article. We will be referring to this document many times throughout the term. There is an abridged version in the E-book of the text beginning on page 105

The second part of the assignment involves your use of the UDHR. For each moral or ethical issue you have identified and listed from the reading, you will then find and assign one of the articles from the UDHR, illustrating which human right is being violated.

For example, if you have identified nine (9) moral or ethical issues, then you will have nine (9) articles from the UDHR listed next to each item on your list. You may find that some moral or ethical issues involve the same article from the UDHR, but try to incorporate as many different articles as you can.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights – 1948

The assignment has not page limit

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