Beware Online ‘Filter Bubbles’, reading assignment help

Directions:  Watch the TED talk given by Eli Pariser, titled Beware Online ‘Filter Bubbles’. The talk fits in well with the quote above and with Ch. 8 of ourtextbooks.  Media shapes the way we view information, especially in thisdigital age.  Pariser discusses what he believes is happening withdigital information.  Read through the questions below before watchingthe video, to know what to focus on as you are watching.  You may wantto to take notes as you go, pausing when needed to write down importantinformation that will help you answer the questions. 

Answer the questions below. You can copy and paste the questions into the text box or a word document for uploading.

  1. The topic of this video is about digital media.  What is the issue? (phrase this in yes/no question form)
  2. What is the conclusion that Pariser has come to in regards to this issue?
  3. State at least four reasons that Pariser gives from the video.  Two of those reasons need to be exact quotes from the video.
  4. Thinkingback to Ch. 2-3 in your textbook, what do you believe is a realityassumption of Pariser’s that led him to want to give this talk?  Explainthe reality assumption with an example from the video.
  5. Strongarguments are usually backed by research (Ch. 4-5).  Give at least oneexample of research that Pariser used in his argument that helpedsupport his point.  Do you believe this research helps the argument?  Inwhat way?  Does your experience coincide with the research given?
  6. Whatis a fallacy (Ch. 6) used in his argument?  Give the type of fallacyand the example from the video that illustrates the fallacy.  Is thisfallacy the only reason given in the argument?  Does it hurt theargument?  Why or why not?
  7. After reading Ch. 7 & 8 andlistening to Pariser, what do you think is important for us to consideras a society where media is concerned?
  8. Did Pariser have acompelling argument?  Why or why not?  Give your reasons to support bymaking connections with what has happened in your own life?
  9. Whatdo you think about the topic of the media?  What are at least threeother issues that you can think of that could be the basis of a researchpaper in another class?

***************** I gave you all the power points for the chapter because you need to use them. ************

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