Biopsychosocialspiritual Assessment

Biopsychosocialspiritual Assessment

go to “Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide” and click Download Sample Pages. Download the sample pages and read the information about documentation.

repare a detailed biopsychosocialspiritual assessment report for a  mock client you worked with in one of your synchronous sessions. In your  report, include all information outlined in the Biopsychosocialspiritual Assessment document.

At the end of the documentation, sign the report as you, the learner social worker (including your credentials) and date it.

Report format: The report should be single-spaced  with a blank space between paragraphs and/or sections. Headings should  be used and bolded in order to make the sections in the report easy to  read and easy to find. Done well, the report is probably one of the more  difficult documents to write. What is important is that the assessment  provides sufficient information so that any other professional could  read the report and have a clear understanding of the major aspects,  problems, and strengths of the client.

Summarize a Related Scholarly Article

In addition to your assessment report, search the Capella library  databases for one scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal article related to  the client’s problem or the type of intervention one would consider  using with the client. It is important your documentation is in line  with the literature, and there is clear rationale as to why you are  doing what you are doing.

Using the critical thought process, write one paragraph about the  article and why it was chosen. Attach the article to the report.

Using scholarly articles in our practice with clients is one way to link research to practic

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