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1.1 to 2 pages, single spaced, at standard type face (12 or 14 point).

2.It should briefly (in very few sentences) lay out the basic facts of the case. These are usually generally agreed upon by the time it gets to final appeal stage; i.e., the Supreme Court of a Federal District court.

3.What is much more important is the issue at law – the dispute about what the law means or how it should be interpreted.

4.What was the majority of the court’s decision in the case, and – more importantly – what was the basic reasoning behind this decision?

5.If you are asked to read a dissent in the case, what was the decision and reasoning in the minority?

6.Do you agree or disagree with the court’s decision? Explain why

Please apa citation rules below

PA Guidelines for the United States Supreme Court

1. Name of the Case.

    • Names of law cases are abbreviated. The important Word(s) of each party’s name is spelled out.
    • Use “v.” between parties’ names.

2. Case Citation.

3. Year in parentheses.

    • Use year the decision was made.

4. Cite in text using first part of the two parties in the case, in italics, and then add the date.

Example: SEC v Howey

APA Format for case in References page

SEC v. W. J. HOWEY CO. ET AL., 328 US. 293 (May 27, 1946).

In text citation

(SEC v. SEC v. W. J. HOWEY CO. ET AL., 1946)

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