Book Report on “Friend by day, enemy by night: organized vengeance in a Kohistan community” by Lincoln Keiser

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Paper length – a minimum of 7 typewritten pages excluding cover page and references page

Use double spacing, 12pt font

Use of APA formatting style (other than line spacing and font requirement) and references is expected. See the APA Publication Manual for specifics on this.

Use a cover page with title and your name. (Note: an abstract is NOT needed for this type of paper.)

Use of good grammar and paper construction logic….please show your best effort at writing skills as I will randomly select some papers for writing assessment purposes.

  • Separate the paper into three distinct sections with the following headings: Book Overview, Concept Overview, and Connections


Review of your selected book

§ must provide book title and author

§ Who, what, when, where

§ Major aspects of life in this culture covered by this writer with in-depth overview of 2 areas.

Connection to some aspects of text and/or lecture.

oIdentify at least 3 detailed connections

oProvide specific examples between the book and text/lecture.

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