branding project

This assignment is mainly about writing that many people will become unhealthy and fattening because they do not pay attention to healthy diets, so now people are paying more and more attention to food and diet health, which is a big market problem. Please specifically write Whole Foods is the solution to this big market problem, because Whole Foods only sells organic food, which is very healthy, and Whole Foods is doing well in this industry, including the later acquisition by Amazon because Amazon saw the value of whole foods. Specifically, it is written according to the title of this photo, section The section 2 about company historical background does not need to write a lot (one page is enough), just a brief summary. Also, please includes some data, such as the sales of wholefoods, the proportion, changes and others. Please also write about the impact of organic and inorganic food on people’s health.

Please look the attachment, and write Section 1, 2, 3, and 4. Total 10 pages (Section 2 only need one page). Please includes some data. Use simple words and language.

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