BS Nursing Project Paper.

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My project topic is “Teaching Strategies to Improve Treatment Compliance in Mental Health Outpatient.”

Clinical practice is the area I choose for this class. I will be doing my clinical at Family Service League in Huntington NY. I will be experiencing this leadership role with a preceptor who is one of the Nurse Practitioner in the mental health department of Family Service League.

My Plan. What I would like to write about will include:

1)Physical examination of patient, recognizing/assessing patient needs, Cultural practices assessment – to know how the patient use their medications and potential factors affecting adherence.

2). Improving training/education among mental health workers that will help to gain skill needed to work with mental health outpatient.

3). Patient/ family teaching.

The paper will have 4 chapters. Chapter 1; introduces the clinical setting and describes the project that I intend to complete. Chapter 2; requires identification of the regulatory agency and standards that relate to the project. Chapter 3; will evaluates the professional contributions of my preceptor’s role to the organization. Chapter 4; summarizes the project and requires the application of a nursing theory.

Detail for each section were as follows: –

 Chapter 1 is titled: Proposal for Clinical Placement and Project Assignment

 Chapter 2 is titled: Regulatory Standards in Health Care

 Chapter 3 is titled: Professional Contributions

 Chapter 4 is titled: Application of Nursing Theory and Project Summary

The paper should be 8-12 pages, exclusive of the title and reference pages. use proper APA format. The Paper should be composed with the following elements:

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