BUS 206:

BUS 206: Management Information Systems               PROJECT



Vail Resort in Vail, Colorado, is internationally known as one of the best places in North America for mountain biking. Since 1973, Slopeside Bike Rentals has been a tradition in the area. At

Slopeside Bike Rentals customers will find the largest selection of bikes, parts, accessories, books, maps, clothing, shocks, helmets, eyewear, shoes, car racks, and touring gear in the area with everything you need for on and off the road. Its state-of-the-art demo and rental program has everything from premium dual suspension to kids’ bikes and trailers.

You have been employed for the past three summers by Slopeside Bike Rentals. Recently, there has been a surge in business and the owners need a more accurate way to manage the rental business. You have decided to create a database to help the owners keep track of the bike rentals, who the customers are, amount paid, and any damage to the bikes when they are rented. Currently Slopeside Bike Rentals owns 13 mountain bikes in its fleet of rentals. The bikes vary in type, size, and parts. When customers rent bikes, they are required to leave their driver’s license number and to give you a home address, phone number, and credit card number.

You have designed the entity classes and primary keys for the database as the following:

You have also identified the following business rules:

1.             Rentals can have many customers assigned but must have at least one.

2.             A bike must be assigned to one and only one rental type.

3.             A customer can rent one or more bikes at one time.

4.             A bike can be assigned to only one customer but need not be assigned to any customer.

Your job is to be completed in the following phases:

1.             Develop and describe the entity-relationship diagram.

2.             Use normalization to assure the correctness of the tables (relations).

3.             Create the database using a personal DBMS package (preferably Microsoft Access).

4.             Slopeside Bike Rentals has the following fee structures for its 13 bike rentals:

5.             Use the DBMS package to create the basic report in Figure GP.3 .


1.             You may not be able to develop a report that looks exactly like the one in Figure GP.3 . However, your report should include the same information.

2.             One of your tables will need a composite primary key.

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