BUS-231 Legal Environment of Business


College of Business Administration

AVM Department

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2019-2020

BUS-231 Legal Environment of Business

Total: 15%


Project (group):

2-3 students per group

This project is meant to provide students with an understanding of the nature of the legal system

and to improve student understanding of legal concepts, demonstrate the complexity of the law

and illustrate the many ways in which legal issues influence business decision-making.



Students are asked to choose any topic from news or articles related to the course topics and

summarize the business case issue by using the critical thinking approach. Each group is required to analyze the issue for a report to be submitted.


Grading criteria:

Your project will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. a) Problem definition: how well (i.e., thoroughly and concisely) do you describe the context.
  2. b) Accurate and thorough use of course concepts.
  3. c) The students’ ability to identify important legal concepts and link them to different fact patterns
  4. d) Extent to which your analysis is relevant.
  5. e) Quality of written analysis.
  6. f) Quality of oral discussion/presentation.



Format for report/case analysis:

  1. The report should include a 1-2 page summary covering the legal concept in a professional

academic format.

  1. The report must include: Introduction, case summary, your own conclusion.
  2. Time news roman, 12 font size.
  3. Include references. (link or original article) References should be detailed at the end of the assignment; it is highly preferable to rely on 3-5 references to handle the assignment.


How marks allocated of the assignment:

  1. Develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs and connects them with effective transitions. Clear and specific introduction and conclusion (2 marks).


  1. Employs words with fluency, develops concise standard English sentences, balances a variety of sentence structures effectively (2 marks).


  1. The writing is essential error-free in terms of spelling and grammar (2 marks).


  1. Explores ideas vigorously, supports points fully using a balance of subjective and objective evidence, reasons effectively making useful distinctions (2 marks).


Assignment Resources: Students can rely on newspapers, magazines and any other reliable source on internet or any other periodicals that shed the light on the topic.


Date of assignment submission: April 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm


Size of the project: between 8 to 10 pages (1.5 space, Times New Roman, Font 12).

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