business information systems open discussion

What is an Open Discussion?

Although not graded, an Open Discussion is a forum that allows you to connect with your peers on the topic provided in the given Module. The Open Discussions are often tied to another activity or even to the graded Discussion Post. So remember, although it isn’t graded, it is important to complete each of the Open Discussions in this course.


“Information technologies have brought many benefits, but they have also created concerns about privacy in the workplace. For example, employers now search social networking sites such as Facebook to find background information on applicants, and this information can influence their hiring decisions. In fact, some recruiters and hiring managers use the extracted information to assign the potential employee a numeric rank between 0 and 100.” *

“Is this use of social networking sites legal or ethical? What about users’ privacy? Because information posted on these sites is often considered public domain, you should be careful about what you post in case it comes back to haunt you. See the “Social Networking Sites and Privacy Issues” box for an example of what could happen.” **

**Bidgoli, H. (2018). MIS (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Requirements: What do I post?

Begin by creating a short audio/video and post it to this discussion. Feel free to use your phone, web camera, or voice recorder. There is no need for you to record/present yourself; an audio recording is acceptable. You are welcome to post a video if you choose. There is not a need to submit a transcript of your discussion.

The total audio/video recording should not be more than 2- minutes in length and has to relate to the following:

  1. Locate and review a current article on Privacy issues (grab the URL/link for later)
  2. Write and post a brief summary of your perspective on the EU-Google data privacy issue

This post should include a link to the article used, a general summary of your audio/video recording, and the audio/video that covers the two points above.

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