business intelligence amp info systems

(A) Develop an APA paperthat identifies the following: 5 Page Paper with 6 References (Include Abstract, Introduction, Several Bodies, Conclusion and References as per APA format)

1. How business can benefit from a well-managed database, BI, the Internet, and wireless technology.

2. Please provide examples of companies when possible and ensure that you justify your response.

(B) Write 2 Paragraphs with 2 References :

Discuss the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Please provide an example of ERP systems, specifically Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

(C) Write 2 Paragraphs with 2 References :

Evaluate the ways Enterprise systems can aid in developing strategy for capturing and sustaining competitive advantage. Please provide some examples and be sure to justify your response.

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