business law and ethics 1 2 pages writing assignment based on the reading

See two readings from textbook in the attachment

Answer ONE QUESTION from the two below. Grading is based on both thoroughness and writing/grammar (includes appropriate citations*) 1-2 pages. Double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman. Because you have limited space, you DO NOT need to include a header or a title. You do not need to restate the question, and you do not need an introductory paragraph or conclusion paragraph.

  1. Explain Goldman’s justification of advertising in a market economy. Then offer two criticisms of his argument.
  2. Explain the foundations of loyalty according to Duska. How is loyalty to a company different than loyalty to a family member? To a country? Then offer two criticisms of his argument.


* Citations from the book require in-text only (Wettstein, p.240). Citations from external sources also require footnotes or a reference list. Any standard format is acceptable (e.g., APA, MLA, …) However, this assignment should not require external sources.

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