business model examples

Attached is the document to complete with bullet points under each topic. This should take no more than 20 minutes. If you need any additional notes(i.e. chapter 10 notes), the tutor can let me know.

In Chapter 10, we are introduced to ten common types of revenue models (listed in the table below). This outside prep exercise will ask you to consider how a basic business model changes based on that business’s revenue model.

Your task is to briefly describe (i.e., in 1-3 bullet points for each) how Linda’s Lemonade Stand might function with each of these revenue models. (For example, under “Unit Sales,” the business would involve selling individual cups of lemonade to neighbors for $0.50 each). Be sure to identify the customer and (if different) the end user under each revenue model. (Don’t worry about making this realistic – The idea here is to practice thinking about how these revenue models are different)

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