buso dewey amp home individual project

Please refer to the PowerPoint and Orientation Guide.

Your goal for this assignment is to effective design an orientation plan as well as how to effectively correspond to your fellow employees/colleagues.

Please read the Orientation Plan and PowerPoint completely for guidance. NOTE: YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PORTIONS OF THE SIMULATION.

Assignment has FOUR COMPONENTS

1. Orientation Plan

2. Email to Mark Golding

3. Email to Ms. Zimmerman

4. Email to Mr Yamashita

What is an orientation plan?

You probably remember your first day at work. You filled out many forms, met many people, may have learned computer and phone programs, etc.

Your manager believes that not everything should be done on the first date of employment. She feels there are things that can take place beforehand (such as sharing dress code policy), some things that can be done on Day One (for example, meet colleagues, fill out W2 forms, etc) and some things that can be done a week later (such as learn a new computer program).

Your goal is to design an orientation plan where you identify three things that can be done before start date, day one, and one week later.

Note: Let’s say you want to share dress code policy before start date…you do NOT need to share what the dress code policy is, you only need to write DRESS CODE POLICY on Orientation Plan.

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