Can anyone help me with 10 original examples of compound sentences?

Original examples of compound sentences:

  1. She did not ranked in the competition last week, but she is happy even she did not win.

  2. We will have a swimming in the lake or we will have a picnic in the park?

  3. In the mall, we will buy toys and we will play some games.

  4. His brother is have a very rare disease but his mother did not lose faith.

  5. What did you want, you will sleep or we will watch some movies?

  6. Maria just graduated in high school and she will have a party tomorrow evening.

  7. Ryan have his brand new bike but his bike’s seat broke.

  8. Your favorite volleyball team have a game later, you will join and watch the game or you just seat there and eat?

  9. Would you rather watch television for 10 hours or run for 30 minutes?

  10. My cellular phone is wet but it is not broken.

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