Can my homework be checked and I am stuck on last question,

Can my homework be checked and I am stuck on last question, can I get some help please

Week 4 Project – STAT 3001Student Name:<Scott Ricks>Date:November 5, 2015Instructions:To complete this project, you will need the following materials:STAT DISK User Manual (found in the classroom in Doc Sharing)Access to the internet to download the Stat Disk program.Part I.Analyze DataInstructionsAnswers1.Open the filePassive andActive Smokeusing menuoptionDatasetsand thenElementary Stats, 11thEdition.This file containssome information on thecontinine levels in smokers,nonsmokers exposed tosmoke (ETS), andnonsmokers not exposed tosmoke (No ETS).How manyobservations are there in thisfile?There are 40 observations per group in this Dataset.2.What would you expect tofind relative to the contininelevel in the groups?I expect smokers to have higher levels of continine, followed by theETS and finally the non exposed to smoke group.Part II. Descriptive Statistics3-6 Generate descriptivestatistics for No ETS,Smokers and ETS groups andcomplete the following table.Round mean and standarddeviation to 3 decimal places.VariableSampleMeanSampleStandardDeviationSample SizeNo ETS16.3562.53440Smokers172.475119.49840ETS60.575138.084407. Did you get the results youexpected here?Explain why.I did get the expected results from the means. The (No ETS)group had the lowest mean and standard deviation.8. Which of the three groupsexperienced the MOSTvariation? How do youknow?The (ETS) group experienced the most variation.Part III. Confidence Intervals1
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9. Generate a 90% intervalfor the mean of the No ETSgroup. Paste your resultshere.Margin of error, E = 16.6591890% Confident the population mean is within the range:-0.2591758 < mean <33.0591810. Generate a 90% intervalfor the mean of the Smokergroup. Paste your resultshere.Margin of error, E = 31.8344990% Confident the population mean is within the range:140.6405 < mean <204.309511. Generate a 90% intervalfor the mean of the ETSgroup. Paste your results hereMargin of error, E = 36.7858490% Confident the population mean is within the range:23.78916 < mean <97.3608412. Create a graph below by illustrating all three confidence intervals on one graph using the tools in yourword processor (example below).Stat Disk cannot do this for you. Create your graph and turn the font red.For this process, I just used the dashes and wrote a scale below the axes.Here is an example, but it is not based on the data you are analyzing:Case 114———————42Case 235————————-70________________________________________0204060Your Solution:Case 1-.2592 ——————–33.060Case 2140.641————————–204.310Case 323.789—————————–97.361________________________________________________________025507510012515017520013. Based on the confidenceintervals shown above, whatconclusion can you draw aboutwhether the exposure to smokeleads to higher continine levels?Why?Based on the confidence intervals shown above, I can conclude thatexposure to smoke leads to higher continine levels, however, thedifference between first and second hand smoke is not well defined.Part IV. Hypothesis Testing2
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