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Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, it is always affected by factors outside of what we normally classify as science. Constraints regarding funding, public policy, public opinion, etc. tend to also shape scientific progress; therefore, science, unfortunately, can’t just be science. For this assignment, I’d like you to discuss the overlap between science, society, and the humanities as you see it. You might feel that there is no overlap and see science as something else altogether or you might readily accept this overlap, but regardless I want you to develop an argument.

This assignment allows you the freedom to freely interrogate what scientific rhetoric means in addition to the nature of science. Evaluation won’t be based on your overall message itself, but rather how you articulate your ideas. Use readings from the textbook, outside references, our discussions from class, etc. to discuss answer how science, society, and rhetoric overlap with each other. What does each influence (or not influence) the other? What implications does your answer have for the practice of science?

Requirements: has to be a 4 page paper single spaced.

Has to have 3 work cited pages

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