Can you conduct an informed critique and analysis of Hurricane Maria and the response to the event by public and/or non-profit agencies.

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1) The research project will comprise the “traditional” style of graduate research associated with term papers. The intent of this project is to take knowledge and apply it to the practice. You will be critiquing and analyzing the response to the event by public and/or non-profit agencies.

Follow the APA style, including page numbers and running titles, and write 15 pages at a minimum and no more than 20 pages of narrative, with the following sections (that appear in virtually all social science research):

·Introduction (no more than one page; overview of what you will present, including the high points of your work; tell us about the event you selected and how you will conduct the critique/analysis)

·Literature Review (multiple pages; this is where you pull together the knowledge that will inform your critique and analysis)

·Findings/Discussion (multiple pages; the critique and analysis go here; what did you learn and how does it apply to your event?)

·Implications/Conclusion (no more than two pages; what does it all mean and why would this be of interest to others?)

2) Complete a Powerpoint Presentation for a 10-15 min presentation of this research

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