Can you do discussion assignment due 3/5/17 at 500 pm eastern time 1

Requirements :  Double space 12 font , cites ,refrences, 

Please answer questions as directed professionally 

Required notes to use in assignment:Early childhood professional 25 years  experience as administrator and small business entrepreneaur of a preschool center

Required Resources

  • Document: Course Descriptions and Texts
  • Article: National Professional Development Center on Inclusion. (2008). What do we mean by professional development in the early childhood field? Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina, FPG Child Development Institute.Used by permission of the National Professional Development Center for Inclusion (NPDCI), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.Re-read this article, which was previously assigned in EDUC 3101: Professionalism and Advocacy in the Early Childhood Field.


Sharing Insights

Collegial discourse—sharing with others in your field—offers a chance to gain from the thinking of other people who have similar goals and experiences. Now that you have had the opportunity to reflect on the coursework you have completed in the Bachelor of Science program in Child Development, what you have learned, and opportunities you are looking for in the field, consider this Discussion an opportunity not only to share your thoughts, but also to expand your awareness in an effort to synthesize what you have learned and apply it to your career plan and goals for a professional contribution.By Day 3:Post:

  • Three key lessons, insights, and/or points of wisdom that you have gleaned from this program related to theories of child development and/or effective early childhood practices (cite specific courses)
  • Three key lessons, insights, and/or points of wisdom you have learned about yourself related to how you view your professional future and/or your role in the field

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