can you please make a professional excel file the steps in the word file

I attached the requirements in the world file.

The purpose of this is for you to demonstrate what you have learned about how to (1) analyze and describe data using Excel functions and tools; (2) properly and appropriately make interpretations and conclusions based on the data; and (3) visualize and present interesting aspects of the data in a professional manner. You will be evaluated on all three elements. Download and open the Exam1-Data-VideoGameSales.xlsx file to use for the exam.

The Exam 1 data file includes extensive data about the top selling video games in history. You will analyze this data, present interesting aspects of it, and make interpretations and conclusions. You will need to create some professional-level charts, tables, and a dashboard. You will also use the other Excel tools we covered in the class to support your analysis and presentation. You have complete flexibility on what aspects of the data you choose to focus on, but your charts and other elements must visualize or communicate the chosen data effectively and appropriately, and your interpretations and conclusions must align with the data you are presenting.

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