1. View the Webcast on CANCER AND DIET  from the Harvard School of Public Health. Note: It is about an hour in duration.  You can view enough to meet the extra credit guidelines.


Cancer and Diet: The Latest on Processed Meats, Fats and More

In a response paper, you will still need to write a formal assessment of the work you’re observing (the Webcast), but you will also add your own personal reaction and impressions to the report.

The steps for completing a reaction or response paper are:

  • Observe or listen to the piece for an initial understanding
  • Take notes on some important highlights of the Webcast
  • Re-read your notes, and re-listen to the important highlights
  • Record your thoughts and impressions in notes

When writing a response paper, you can include statements like the following:

  • I felt that
  • In my opinion
  • The viewer can conclude that
  • The speaker or speakers seem to
  • I did not like
  • The information seemed to
  • The speaker was [was not] successful in making me feel
  • I was especially moved by
  • I didn’t get the connection between
  • It was clear that the speaker was trying to
  • My favorite part was…because.
  • I learned………

In Summary

It may be helpful to imagine yourself watching a movie review. You will use the same framework for your response paper: a summary of the Webcast with several of your own thoughts and assessments mixed in.

Format Criteria:

  • 11-12 point font
  • Typed
  • 350 words minimum-Word keeps count on the bottom of your document
  • Double-spaced
  • Only use Times New Roman or Calibri as fonts
  • Include your name

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