Caribbean Arts and Cultures- Research Paper (Outline)

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Research Paper (including Outline)

1) Select a traditional art form (visual, verbal, musical, or choreographic) from any country in the Caribbean. Decide on one aspect of the art form to research, such as a particular formal characteristic, historical development/event, or artist. It is critical that your paper have a very narrow focus.

Do not select a topic related to Jamaican reggae or Rastafarianism or the Trinidad Carnival. In addition, do not select a topic that simply repeats material covered in the assigned readings or lectures.

2) Research your art form at Wells Library. Your research should be based on primary sources and/or scholarly books or journal articles.

3) Prepare a Research Paper Outline. Your Outline should include a one-paragraph statement of your main topic, a sequential list of sub-topics (one-sentence bullets), and a preliminary list of bibliographic sources. A typed and stapled hard copy of your Outline is due at the beginning of class on Wed., 02/26.

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