caring theory integration paper

Here is the case study to use for the paper *** original, 2 pages length.

Mark Rain is a 4 year old who was diagnosed at birth with cystic

fibrosis, as part of his Newborn Screening test. The diagnosis was

confirmed by a positive sweat chloride test. He also had meconium

ileus after birth.

His mother had chosen to stay home, rather than work outside the

home, in order to care for Mark. His care at home included the



Vigorous chest physiotherapy, including percussion, vibration and

postural drainage 3 x day


Pancreatic enzyme supplements with all meals and snacks


High calorie, high protein diet with supplements of A, D, E, and K fat

soluble vitamins

Mr. and Mrs. Rain found a local support group for families of children

with CF, and attended monthly meetings. Mark did well with treatment,

but had to be hospitalized on one occasion for pneumonia. He attended

a specialized outpatient clinic for CF.

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