case study (Zappos) – 5 questions

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  • Questions:
  • 1. Define SCM and how it can benefit Zappos.
  • 2. Explain CRM and why Zappos would benefit from the implementation of a CRM system.
  • 3. Demonstrate why Zappos would need to implement SCM, CRM, and ERP for a connected corporation.
  • 4. Analyze the merger between Zappos and Amazon and assess potential issues for Zappos customers.
  • 5. Propose a plan for how Zappos can use Amazon’s supply chain to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

– Requirements:

This is an individual assessment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking.

-The questions are worded to help you apply the readings to the case, so don’t limit yourself to the case’s terminology and perspective. The best analysis will abstract the case content by applying the reading materials to draw broader lessons about the material.

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