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Assignment Instructions

Be sure to show all of your work and how you arrived at your answer.  Label your diagrams clearly (where applicable).  Your work must be typed and submitted electronically (via eCampus). You may complete your work in the space provided in this worksheet.  Include the worksheet and cover sheet in your uploaded final work

Note: You will receive no score if you fail to adhere to the above instructions.

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Question 1

A.     Define and explain unemployment (10 points)

B.    From the given data above calculate and explain unemployment rates for 2014 and 2015(10 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Given the national income (NI) data below (ALL figures are in billions of dollars) compute:

C.    National Income (NI) (10 points)

National Income data

     Inflation data

The Inflation data above shows the prices and the quantities consumed in a college bookstore. Using 2011 as the base year

Calculate the inflation rate between 2012 and 2013 using the CPI approach.

D.   Calculate inflation using the GDP deflator index and explain why consumer price index (CPI) overstates inflation when compared to inflation rate determined by using GDP deflator (15 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Question 2.

 Using data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Tables 2 and 3 in the months of August

2015 Seasonally Adjusted, compare and contrast Labor force participation rates (LFPR)  

of four demographic groups: Whites, African –American, Asian and Hispanic.

 Evaluate and discuss the differences in their LFPR (25 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Question 3

Different societies view unemployment differently. Some view it as a social ill and others as an economic problem. In 250 words discuss how unemployment is viewed in your culture. Compare and contrast unemployment remedies of your culture with that of any other culture.  Cite your work. (30 points)

Assessment Codes WC, SR 

Major Debates Over Macroeconomic Policy

Purpose of Assignment

To address six unresolved issues in macroeconomics, each of which is central to current political debates. Students are required to use information and tools that they have accumulated in their study of the text and evaluate both sides of those issues, determine which side they can support for each issue, and defend their positions. 

Assignment Steps

Select two subjects from the following list of topics and write a 1,050-word analysis: 

  • Active monetary and fiscal policy
  • Increased government spending to fight recessions
  • Reducing federal government’s discretionary powers
  • Zero-inflation target
  • Balanced government budget
  • Tax incentives for saving

Evaluate both the advocates’ position and the critics’ position.

Determine which position you support and defend your position.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

The price of one country s currency in terms of another country s currency is called the A) exchange rate. B) interest rate. C) Dow Jones industrial…

 The price of one countryʹ s currency in terms of another countryʹ s currency is called the

A) exchange rate.

B) interest rate.

C) Dow Jones industrial average.

D) prime rate

Economic Tools and Concepts Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that uses two to three economic tools and concepts to evaluate a current issue or situation that exists in today’s health care industry. Some examples of economic tools and concepts are supply and demand curves, marginal analysis, and elasticity. Include a narrative summary for any charts, graphs, and figures that are used. Search websites with national charts, graphs, and figures that may provide you data concerning economic tools.

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

PS4120 Substance Abuse Week 3 Gender and Substance Abuse Disorder

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Need these 5 questions answered

The Convergence Theory: It has been suggested that the percentage of women who have substance use disorders is slowly approaching that of men with similar disorders. Is this true? Society has hidden the problem of substance abuse in women for the better part of the 20th century. Further, as was discussed in your text, many women obtain their drugs of choice not from illicit sources, but from physicians. An example of this is the fact that for many years after its introduction, diazepam was referred to in some quarters as “mother’s little helper”. If the stress of parenthood was too much, one could always take a benzodiazepine such as diazepam, and make it all go away, or so the popular stereotype suggested.

Questions 1. If the woman’s substance use was sanctioned by a physician, is it an SUD (substance use disorder) or just a woman receiving another prescription?

2. Should multiple prescriptions for a compound with a moderate or high abuse potential be counted as part of the substance use problem in this country?

3. What statistics comparing substance use disorders in men and women can you find? Is the percentage of women with a substance use disorder approaching that of men, or is it just that society is able to recognize such problems, now?

4. Your text notes that only 40 percent of substance abuse rehabilitation programs offer genderspecific treatment. But what should be included in a “gender-specific” rehabilitation program? Why those components and not others? If a hypothetical woman is admitted to a male dominated rehabilitation program and is handed a booklet on recovery for women, does that make the program “gender specific”?

5. Does “gender specific” mean only specifically for women or are there “gender specific” programs for men as well? Should such programs be offered? Why, or why not?

Need help creating a power point presentation with the information provided below

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. This module, you should plan to complete and turn in Part II on Training & Development. Note that your “supervisor” at your simulated organization has given you a specific training/development task to complete, and has also provided you with general details of the training needs assessment. You have also been provided with a few tips and insights that will help you formulate your plan of action.

Your output should be a presentation detailing your plan of action to respond to your supervisor. Your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes. Presentations should include your narration and a visual aide (PowerPoint, Prezi, Emaze, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Mix, and/or a detailed outline are acceptable).

Compuwave, Inc. is all about employee development. They offer generous allowances for tuition reimbursement and other educational expenses. Compuwave’s Programming/Software Development department also has its own set of training courses, and pays 100% for trainings and certification exams for its employees. Obviously, all these programs are expected to make the employee more valuable to the department and the company.

Recently a problem has come up: Zeb, a very strong programmer for whom management had high hopes, just quit. Zeb found that the extensive training and development, including completing his MBA in Computer Information Systems (which Compuwave paid for) has resulted in making him very marketable to other companies. In his exit interview, Zeb said he is going to a competitor where he can make more money in a position of more responsibility. He said he was happy at Compuwave but he was told that there were no promotions currently available and he feels there was not much opportunity for advancement. Zeb’s manager is predictably upset. This will set projects Zeb was working on back several months, they’ll have to hire someone to replace Zeb, not to mention all the money and resources spent on developing him. Worst of all, the manager is afraid this is the beginning of a trend, and he fears losing more employees who are being “developed out the door.”

What changes, if any, would you recommend to Compuwave’s development programs?

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Your research essay should be 1000 to 1250 words, include a strong thesis, and incorporate at least five scholarly sources. Your goal is to draft an interesting and engaging essay that is both informative and persuasive about the issue, topic, or question you chose for your research topic. Your introduction should state your thesis and define the key points that support your thesis. Body paragraphs should support your argued thesis. The conclusion should summarize and leave the reader accepting your thesis.

It has to be APA format with 2-3 references no later than 12pm est. (June 8)

Whats the difference between gdp and gnp?

Whats the difference between gdp and gnp? thanks for your help

1Difference Between GDP and GNP Course: NameTitle: Difference Between GDP and GNPStudent’s NameInstructor’s NameUniversity 2Difference Between GDP and GNPGDPGDP is an acronym for Gross…

Exercise 3 (Expenditure Minimization Problem) Suppese utility is given by U(.r,y) = a: – (1 + y), and the objective function is given by page + pyy….

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Exercise 3 (Expenditure Minimization Problem) Suppese utility is given by U(.r,y) = a: – (1 + y), and the objectivefunction is given by page + pyy. a) Given the eenstraint that U03, 3;) = [7, derive the Hicksian demands fer a: and y, and the expenditure function. Use the Lagrangian Inethedte salve this preblenl. Note) To aveid any earner solution, we assume that [7 3: if.

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Is the cross-price elasticity of demand between petrol and fuel-efficient small cars positive or negative?