caught my eye


Hello XXXXX,

I was going through this discussion and yours caught my eye.  I like how you broke down the aspects of the internet of things.  I think that the internet of things is amazing and has created an endless amount of possibilities for everyone in the world.  The fact that computers communicate with each other and humans without human action amazes me.  I understand humans made the computers but the fact that they pretty much have a brain of their own is simply crazy.  Great point that the internet of things will create more employee satisfaction that enables more efficiency and productivity.  Ive seen some of the assembly lines that you referenced and they are pretty cool.  They basically know when they are in trouble which helps in problem prevention.  Better decision making happens because the computers or technology are intelligent and precise.  I like the testing cycles because they keep reports on what is going on with technology.  Like I said in my discussion a business that does not acquire the most advanced technology is going to be left in the dust so to speak.  Other businesses will destroy you financially if you fail to advance.  The bottom line is the internet of things makes everything more efficient and increases production and value.  The days of a rolodex or hand making items is over.

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