cellphones and the internet

Talk about the impact of technology on people, especially children from the use of games, phones, internet etc.

Use only the sources I have provided. Do not use outside sources.

Al-Hileh, M. M., & Ibrahim, N. S. (2018). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Games Played by Children Aged (3–6) Years, from Mothers and Kindergarten Teachers’ Point of View. Inter. J. Appl. Eng. Res, 13, 1805-1812.

Ghamari, F., Mohammadbeigi, A., Mohammadsalehi, N., & Hashiani, A. A. (2011). Internet addiction and modeling its risk factors in medical students, Iran. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 33(2), 158.

Hassanzadeh, R., & Rezaei, A. (2011). Effect of sex, course and age on SMS addiction in students. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 10(5), 619-625.

Hawi, N. S., & Samaha, M.
Effect of technology on the lives of 9-year old children.

Should be a minimum of 2 pages double-spaced

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