CH DEV 001 discussion broad about chapter 1-4

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The Beginnings: Modules/Chapters 1 – 4

Chapters 1 -4 Discussion Board Instructions:

Part 1 – The Beginnings – Chapter 1, 2, 3,4 and also the Lectures, PowerPoints, videos in the Modules. In this forum, you are to apply the ideas and terms in the chapters and enhance your knowledge. It also gives you the opportunity to have a scholarly discussion with your peers similar to the ones you have in a well-executed college classroom– which makes a big difference in your enjoyment and comprehension of the subject matter. I won’t have a rubric until next assignment. This assignment I want you to feel free to discuss and reflect topics that you found interesting and can relate meaning. Instructions:

Post 1 – Post your learning reflection on Part 1 – New Beginnings – Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4- What did you find the most interesting information or key points that are important to know as a teacher or parent or future caregiver or community social agent or policymaker? For this question, make sure that you respond in four (4) full paragraphs (at least one paragraph per chapter must have at least 8 sentences each). In parenthesis be sure to include the page numbers, PPT or video that relate to each key term. Relate the terms to what you thought and learned about and why you found it interesting.

5th paragraph – Then choose one video that you were most interested and discuss what you found so interesting about it.

The last one file is examples!!!!!!

Please choose one of the video that give above to write the 5th paragraph. chapter 3 video chapter 3 video chapter 3 video–ok&list=PL7mwpALqWPodLX8D6ikE-ZE-zLL4oyOhb chapter 1 video chapter 1.2 video chapter 1.2 video chapter 4 video–ok&list=PL7mwpALqWPodLX8D6ikE-ZE-zLL4oyOhb chapter 2 video

Howard Gardner of The Multiple Intelligence Theory chapter 2.2


chapter 2.1: (Links to an external site.)

Article: Simply Psychology’s Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development (Links to an external site.)

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