Challenges and Opportunities first draft

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The purpose of Section II is to diagnose and discuss challenges, from a public administration perspective, that speak to the importance of your mission, as well as the opportunities that bring promise to the feasibility of the mission.

You must research the problems that your stated mission attempts to solve. In thinking about these challenges, consider the following questions:

· Why is my mission important?

· What is my intended contribution to the resolution of these challenges?

You must also address the opportunities that exist to overcome these challenges. Consider the following questions:

· What existing programs or efforts have been successful?

· What best practices or strategies will I be able to employ in order to succeed in meeting my mission?

Section II must include:

· A discussion, backed by research, on the challenges that speak to the importance of your mission and vision; and,

· A discussion of the opportunities that bring optimism to the pursuit of your mission.

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