chapter 8 hands on project 8 9 page 331

8-9 A survey of your firm’s IT infrastructure has identified a number of security vulnerabilities. Review the data about these vulnerabilities (see a copy of the file from MyLab MIS attached). Use the table to answer the following questions:

  1. Calculate the total number of vulnerabilities for each platform. What is the potential impact on the organization of the security problems for each computing platform? (25 pts)
  2. If you only have one information systems specialist in charge of security, which platforms should you address first in trying to eliminate these vulnerabilities? Second? Third? Last? Why? (25 pts)
  3. Identify the types of control problems these vulnerabilities illustrate and explain the measures that should be taken to solve them. (25 pts)
  4. What does your firm risk by ignoring the security vulnerabilities identified? (25 pts)

NB: Please use MS Word to compile your answers to the question and submit the word file.

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