chapter8 8 2 the use of target costing in developing the mercedes benz m class

TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, please try to find ways to relate the Young reader example to your current, prior, or hoped for future work situation. ALSO, you are required to relate the case to the classwork itself. A course like this, for MBAs, is best done with the students constantly tying the course content to their everyday work life. Doing so will make the content more meaningful for you and demonstrate how mastery of this content will help you going forward. Maximum of 6 pages.

1” margins on all four sides.

1.5” line spacing.

Times-Roman font, 11 point font

All cases should have the following structure:

Summary of the Young Reader Case (heading 1)

Relationship of the Case to your work experience (heading 2)

Relationship of the Case to material covered in class. (heading 3)

Summary (heading 4)

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