children and poverty paper

Children and Poverty

Write a 7 pages long, not counting the title and reference pages (longer is OK).All

papers and assignments should be in 10 or 12 point type and double-spaced.Make sure that you have the Option Type/Paper Focus, you name, and the date submitted on the title page.Use the headings under each option as you write your paper (i.e.1.Documentary;

(organize the paper by using the section headings that



Watch: Poor Kids

(60 min long)

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Between 13.4 and 16.5 million American children live in poverty. While the federal government has set the so-

called ‘poverty line’ at $23,050 of income per year for a family of four, many of America’s poor kids live far below this line. The documentary follows three families with children over the course of a year. Long interviews with the featured kids are punctuated by shorter interviews with their parents, most of whom are unable to find full-time. work and struggle to meet even the most basic needs of their families (


Write about a 3 page summary of the documentary (avoid quotes-use your own words and give detailed examples from the documentary as you summarize what you watched)


Finally, what do you think communities should do to help children growing up in poverty

(based on the documentary and articles)

(The last 10 pts. will be for writing clarity)

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