Chronic Disease and an Aspect of Diet/Nutrition

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Objective: To write an essay about chronic diseases or a specific chronic disease (see Greger chapters 1-14) AND some aspect of diet/nutrition that you want to further research or develop an opinion on and a specific reader population. Examples could be a plant based or vegetarian eating pattern, meal spacing, a nutrient or type of food. The essay should be written for a target audience. Be creative! Write this essay as if you were going to use it for publication in a newsletter, website, as a blog, etc. Perhaps write to actually submit/post somewhere!

Example ideas:

Legumes, Kids and Obesity- target audience parents, school newsletter (you probably won’t be able to find a journal article with all those subjects but you can find research on legumes and obesity, etc.)

Food Pantry, Plant Based Food Donations, Chronic Diseases- target audience- food donators- group you belong to that is doing a service project (once again, you might not find research on all those, but you can find research on low income and chronic disease, plant based diet and chronic disease and do a interview at a pantry/bank about types of donations needed)

Breast Cancer and Flax, target audience- clinic or wellness newsletter

Your essay should use the 1:3:1 format and be limited to 5 paragraphs.

Watch this video on “How To Write and Effective 5 Paragraph Essay” (1:3:1 format)


Your Essay should include:

1. An introduction paragraph outlining your essay along with a thesis statement. From “A thesis statement encompasses your ideas in one sentence. The thesis statement should present the topic of your paper and also make a comment about your stance in relation to the topic. Your thesis statement should tell your reader what the paper is about, and also help guide your writing. Therefore, keep it concise and focused.” Read more at Buzzfeed Essay Thesis Statement Example

2. A body. The body of the essay should support and build your case for your thesis statement, include 3 paragraphs. Your essay should include a minimum of 3 references, 2 from published evidence based literature sources and at least 1 other reference of your choice. You can use any on-line sources, books, magazines, quotes from an interview (health professional, vegetarian, chef, etc.), the textbook, Greger, etc. You can use any of the references/reading from this course.

3. Conclusion paragraph. Summarize your essay and leave your reader with a concluding wrap up thought.

4. A visual/graphic.– such as a practical tip box, recipe, picture of a recommended food product, shopping guide, etc.

5. Reference/Works Cited at the end of the essay. The references should be completed according to AMA format. All references within your essay should be according to AMA formatting.

AMA Reference Guide

5. Your essay, graphic/visual including references should be approximately 3-5 pages. Double spaced 12 point Times New Romans font for the essay.

6. Title page which includes the essay’s title, target audience and possible place to publish/post or intended media format for publication.

Your paper should be written clearly and make sense. Tips for writing clear papers include reading your paper aloud to yourself and having others proofread your paper (which might spark a lively conversation about nutrition!).

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