ci strategies briefing presentation session

The final written presentation of your CI report will require a full analysis and interpretation of the findings of the project.The goal is to present your findings in phases 1, 2, 3 and your learning from this process. Among others, the deliverables for the project must include the following:

  • Project Title and Table of Contents
  • Phase 1: Business Case for a CI Team
    • CI function’s charter objectives
    • CI services offered and value add (How will this new function benefit the firm above and beyond the current marketing research efforts?)
    • Main intelligence deliverables
    • CI function reporting structure and frequency
    • CI team structure (organizational chart), specific backgrounds/skill sets
    • Other necessary resources
    • Requested annual budget with cost justification or projected ROI.
    • Recommended code of ethics.
  • Phase 2: Environmental Analysis
    • Industry Background and Trends
    • Competitive Landscape
  • Phase 3: Demonstrating Value
    • Specific Project Objectives (scope)
    • Analysis of data
    • Summary of key findings – threats and opportunities
    • Recommendations to the company
  • Phase 4: Lessons Learned
    • Methods of data collection and validation
    • Primary and Secondary Source Lists
    • Contact List and Call Detail Sheet

You are already working on phase 2

Gas VS electric

The future of automotive innovation will hinge on four major technologies: automation, connectivity, electric power, and the shared economy. As technology is advancing, we see a growth in automobile concepts, their functionalities and creative designs. Various political, economic, and environmental aspects contribute to the increasing demand for alternative means of transport. These aspects include the growing demand for oil, regular fuel price increases, and climate changes.

Using secondary searches and public filings means only identify key products, technology, processes and operating details relative to your assigned company/industry. The goal is to gain a solid understanding of the industry, of the specific company and to identify key products, trends and competitors.

phase 1 is attached

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