CIS 255: Operating Systems Strayer Week 3 Discussion

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“Booting Linux” Please respond to the following:

  • The Grand Unified Bootloader or GRUB provides the user the choice to boot on multiple operating systems. In this discussion, discuss the following:
    • Describe how GRUB V2 has improved the boot process for Linux.
    • Then, explain the purpose of systemd and how it was implemented into the boot process.
    • Lastly, using the Internet and your favorite search engine, search for a “systemd” controversy or an article about systemd. Then, summarize the article and explain why some Linux users are not satisfied with systemd. Provide the link to your article or any useful resources that explain the boot process.

Note: For citing internet sources in your discussion, please see the Web Sources section of the Strayer Writing Standards guide available in the left-hand menu.

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