cjn101 introduction to communication

This homework is to write an Abstract essay of an article. The article is Redefining Hijab: American Muslim Women’s Standpoints on Veiling,which is written by

Here is the website address which can read the article.


Purpose: Students will abstract a study derived from a scholarly journal in communication. These studies in scholarly journals are listed in the other readings section of the syllabus. The key goal of the assignment is to examine the central arguments in the article or chapter.

Form: The following headings MUST appear in the abstract. They will help you organize your discussion.

Citation: The citation must conform to the style of the American Psychological Association.

Major Point: A one-sentence description of the major argument or conclusion of the article.

Summary: A three to four sentence summary of the major arguments in the article. The summary should extend your definition of the major point. It needs to define the major arguments/findings of the article. Both the major point and the summary need to be expressed in your own words. Please do not use direct quotes from the article.

Major Strength: A brief discussion of the major contribution of the article.Major Limitation: A brief discussion of the major weakness of the article. Other Notes on this Assignment:

  1. Length: Two pages, double-spaced.
  2. You must devote considerable care to copyediting. Problems with grammar,spelling, and punctuation will lead to a reduction in your grade.
  3. Due Date: Based on the reading to which you have been assigned. Please see thedates on the syllabus.

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