Class Assignment

Being an ethical leader includes an ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders affected by the difficult issues that are often seen in educational practice. To prepare for this discussion, view the Koschmann (2012) video (Link to video- and notice how he defines the competing forces within any collaborative effort as collaborative advantage and collaborative inertia. The Koschmann (2012) video is 16:33 in length and explores the ability leaders have in making ethical and sustainable decisions involving relevant stakeholders in meaningful ways. 

NOTE: Please let me know if the video doesn’t work.

Initial Post: 

1. Construct an initial response that explains what the phrases “Collaborative Advantage” and “Collaborative Inertia” mean from the Koschmann (2012) video.

2. Address what these phrases mean to you in relation to educational leadership.

3. Describe an example from your work experience where multiple stakeholder groups were required to come together on a difficult decision and how you overcame collaborative inertia in order to make a collaborative decision. If known, describe how the decision was carried out and sustained.  If you do not currently hold a leadership position, you can construct a hypothetical situation, use an example from prior experience, or describe one that you are aware of happening at your school or organization.  

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