Clinical Field Experience B: Case Study – Cassandra Becomes a Fluent Reader

Your field experiences for this course will include a series of observations based on videos from a variety of elementary classrooms where reading is being taught. Take careful notes as you observe each video, and complete the assigned tasks below.

The video “Cassandra Becomes a Fluent Reader” follows Cassandra’s progress in reading throughout the school year. Based on your observations, complete a 250-500-word reflection that incorporates the following:

Cassandra’s Progress: How does Cassandra progress in reading during the year?  How does she approach words in isolation and in context in September and then in May? How does she make connections with the text? What factors influenced her reading progress? What questions do you have about her literacy development?

Home/School Connection: How do Ms. Perez and Cassandra’s mother collaborate to create a complete profile of Cassandra? How do they monitor her progress to encourage her as a reader?

Applications to Practice: How will this observation influence your teaching practices?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines


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