cmr105 brand differentiation 1

Chapter 10 Assignment

Brand Differentiation


Complete the following exercise and submit the answer.Select two similar/competitive fast food restaurants, for example, McDonalds & Wendy’s.

Two restaurant chains I am comparing: __________________________________

  1. Identify
    1. 3-5Points of Parity (POP’s)
    2. 2-3 Points of Difference (POD’s)
  1. Pick one chain’s POD; how might the other chain make this a POP for their brand.An example: Wendy’s POD is “Open Late”.McDonald’s makes it a POP by extending their hours and promoting new later hours
  1. Create a new POD for one of the chains.
  1. How do you operationalize (what activities make it happen) the new POD?
  1. How do you communicate the new POD?

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