cmst ch discussion

What to write about:

These responses are open-ended so you can write about whatever you want or need to, but earnest effort to produce an academic examination of the text or material is expected. For example, your discussion prep could detail your reaction to the text, address some problematic or puzzling aspect of the text, discuss an aspect of the reading that you found particularly interesting, and/or simply relate the reading to previous information or experiences you have encountered. If, after the reading, you were left with more questions than answers, then discuss those – maybe try searching out additional information from other texts or online.

At a minimum, your response should identify what you read in the text (and where you found it in the text), show that you understood it (or are able to ask educated questions about it), and show that you can apply this new knowledge to a public speaking situation (for example, “in high school I gave a speech and ____ happened” or “I can see this applying to speeches I might have to give in the workplace because _____” or any other way you can connect what you read to “the real world”)..

You do not necessarily need to summarize the work for us (or provide unnecessary definitions), but if it helps your response, then include them. Even if we read the same thing you did, we don’t know your take on it. So, one of your chief responsibilities is to explain your thinking to us clearly, concisely, and convincingly (i.e. use examples, be as brief as possible without compromising the integrity of your thoughts, and use quotes/examples from the reading(s) to strengthen or clarify your position).

These don’t need to be novels but they do need to be thorough. Make sure your response is 100-150 words per chapter in the assignment (so 1 well-formed paragraph per chapter). If there are multiple chapters in a reading assignment, you should address each chapter individually (you can do this by responding 2 each chapter individually in one post or make a separate post for each chapter).

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