COBIT P09’s objectives

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1. What is COBIT P09’s purpose?

2. Name three of COBIT’s six control objectives.

3. For each of the threats and vulnerabilities from the Identifying Threats and Vulnerabilities in an IT Infrastructure lab in this lab manual (list at least three and no more than five) that you have remediated, what must you assess as part of your overall COBIT P09 risk management approach for your IT infrastructure?

4. True or false: COBIT P09 risk management control objectives focus on assessment and management of IT risk.

5. What is the name of the organization that defined the COBIT P09 Risk Management Framework?

6. Describe three of the COBIT P09 control objectives.

7. Describe three of the COBIT P09.1 IT Risk Management Framework control objectives


APA Format required

No Plagarism

Reference text book

Gibson, D. (2015). Managing Risk in Information Systems; Second Edition. Jones and Bartlett Learning.

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