Coca-Cola Strategic Management Case Study

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750 word each

Part D-750 Word

Operational Strategy Plan Part VI: Implementation: Marketing Plan, Finance and Accounting Issues, and Proposed Organizational Chart (20 percent).

go the corporate website (Microsoft corporation) and click on Investors.Click on the most recent annual report for Form 10K. Download this pdf to your desktop

  • Using the firm’s Form 10K to prepare a word report to suggest implications for your firm in terms of marketing or advertising expenditures going forward as needed to implement your recommendation.
  • Develop a proposed organizational chart,
  • Perform an EPS/EBIT analysis,
  • Develop Projected Financial Statements
  • Determine the Cash Value and
  • Prepare Projected Financial Ratios
  • Based on your projections:
  • Discuss the financial implications of your proposed changes. Analyze the impact of the proposed changes (if implemented successfully) on the company’s financial ratios.
  • What would be the challenging but attainable financial objectives the company should expect to achieve ( i.e. projected net income and cost: staffing , facility and /or equipment cost)?Calculate Net Present Value of Cash Flows at 3 years. Rational for the numbers proposed must be provided.
  • Does the company have sufficient funds to invest in the proposed changes? If not, how should the company raise the required financial capital?

Part E-750 Word

Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, provide detailed management and organizational plans to implement the Strategic Profile changes proposed above. Implementation tactics must be specific and actionable. They must not be obvious “so what” platitudes and they must be consistent with the analysis. You should evaluate the impact of each tactic on the firm’s environment, strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. Do not forget to consider the firm’s financial standing.

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