com 297 generalizing from research results inferential statistics

Reading: Chapter 7: Generalizing From Research Results: Inferential Statistics

Lecture Notes: Under ‘Resources,’ you will find ‘Lecture Notes C,’ pp. 73-93.

From Book Chapter & Lecture Notes:

Q1. Suppose you wish to test the hypothesis that the number of print media (newspaper, magazine,

and so forth) that people subscribe to is related to subscribers’ education levels. The following

hypothetical data was gathered from five people.

Number of subscriptions, x Education level, y (years)

4 18

5 20

1 5

2 9

3 15

(1) Draw a scatter diagram.



(2) Formulate null and research hypotheses that can be tested adequately using a correlation


H0: ______________________________________ (p=0)

H1: ______________________________________ (p=0)

(3) If the computed t value is in the rejection region (r=.97, p<.05), can you reject the null hypothesis at the p<.05 level of significance? Why? Show your work for t test.

Q2. Design a media effects study for which a correlation analysis is appropriate.

Then, provide the following information to conduct the study.

IV: ____________________________


H0: _______________________________________________________

H1: _______________________________________________________

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