comment 60 words or more in 1 hour !

Hi, I need you guys answer these three questions in 60 words or more by rephrasing the comment the my frineds in class wrote ok . 

1) What is the POV of this poem? Explain briefly.

2) What is the perspective of this? Explain briefly.

3) What is the religious, political, or cultural theme 

    of this poem? Please discuss in detail using examples.

The poem is being told in 3rd person point of view because the writer uses “he said” by saying “said a tenth-grade boy”. It is being told from a witness’s point of view. It can be another student or the homeroom teacher. The message or the main theme of this poem is cultural conflict. There seems to be a lot of judgement on how a person dresses or looks. The emphasis on his bright blue hair and tongue-ring, means that the narrator is judging the boy, and the boy is also judging the Muslim girl’s headscarf by telling her “You dress strange”. No one seems to accept the other’s culture. 

the poem’s pov is third person and the main example in showing that is “his tongue-rings.” The perspective is not specific to any one person but someone that is present in the room. The theme we have in this poem could be both religious and cultural, but in my opinion it’s more cultural. Bearing in mind the boy is a tenth-grader, he says “You dress strange” not in a manner that seems to be obnoxious, but oblivious to other cultures and how they dress . 

answer the questions by rephrasing the two comments below ( in your own words )  

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