communication class interviewing one question about opening and closing

Time is an hour but you can extend to 30 min

Communication class, interviewing one question

You’ll be writing an opening and closing for a specific scenario. For an example of both an opening and closing, see the sample interview schedule that you read last week. You should only write YOUR side of the opening and closing, but you may leave space for the interviewee to answer questions or otherwise respond.


Scenario: Your neighborhood has always been very safe even though it is not far from the center of a city of 500,000. Recently, however, there have been a number of break-ins during the daytime and three cars have been stolen from driveways. You and five neighbors met a week ago to discuss possible ways to make the neighborhood safe again, and a neighborhood watch idea seemed best.
Opening prompt: You have agreed to survey residents of the area to determine their interest in forming and being part of a neighborhood watch.
Closing prompt: You have been conducting the interview with an 81-year-old resident of your neighborhood. She supports the idea of a neighborhood watch in general, but has reservations about who would do the watching and the authority they might take on themselves.

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